YALC returns on Sunday 19th October! With me in it :)

SO. This happened fairly quickly which is why I'm posting about it with only a little bit over a week to go, but the gist is:

YALC is doing a couple of pop-up events at London Film and Comic Con, the Winter version, on Sunday 19th October anddddd....

I'm in one of them! At 3.00pm, I shall be exploring 'Female Characters in Fantasy Fiction' with my fellow quite fabulous panellists Zoe Marriott (author of The Night Itself, Frostfire) and Samantha Shannon (author of The Bone Season and the upcoming sequel The Mime Order).

As before, the events themselves are free and there will be signings with us afterward. All our books will be available to buy there on the day too.

The only thing that costs is the entry ticket for London Film and Comic Con itself, and you can get just a cheaper day ticket rather than a whole weekend pass if you fancy.

Here are all the details!

Maybe I'll see you there :)

In other news

  • I'm trying like hell to finish the first draft of The Graces
  • I've just been in South America for two weeks and okay, this isn't a travel blog but it was an incredible experience for me so I think I may just have to post about it. It involved high-altitude hiking, learning Quechuan phrases, snorkelling in lagoons and trekking through jungle. Yes. Yes, indeed.
  • I have more things I don't think I can talk about yet so that's annoying, sorry
  • Bai x


That's basically it.

Goddamn it feels good to have the end of this crazy story out in the world. Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists is a duology, but never say never - I'd certainly write more in this world if I got the chance.

P.S. wanna meet? Why not bring me a black americano with one sugar and a blueberry muffin* to Nine Worlds Geekfest. I have two panels tomorrow - check out the details here!

Or if you're at Loncon, well so am I. Panel details here (scroll down to the bottom).

I'm both privileged and delighted to be on programming at both these rather fabulous conventions.

And breathe. ONWARD.

* ... well... it never hurts to try, you know?

Pretty Sweet Announcement: read the whole of FEARSOME DREAMER for free!

My publisher and I are keen on Wattpad. You may have heard that they've partnered up with Wattpad for the Young Writer's Prize - the winner could receive a £10,000 advance for a publishing contract with Hot Key Books or a year of editorial mentorship. Hell. Yes.

So we have decided, in the run up to THE ILLUSIONISTS releasing on August 7th, that we are going to serialise the entirety of FEARSOME DREAMER, on Wattpad, for free. I know, right?

The first four chapters are already up - you can read them here. I'll be posting twice a week, every week, so you can read along at your leisure. This is a pretty fabulous thing for a publisher to agree to, so hats off to Hot Key Books - ever the experimenters, for which they get my appreciation!

Working on something new...

I'm going to feel like a twat by posting so much about a book online if it doesn't actually get picked up by a publisher, but I think you can tell I'm excited by this one. This is extremely green - my agent hasn't even read any of it yet... mainly because I haven't written a hell of a lot of it yet :)

The working title is THE GRACES, and I thought it might be interesting to start posting from the very beginning of coming up with the idea and all through the process, rather than just from the point where/if I actually get a deal.

So I've done some pinterest boards. Unlike FEARSOME DREAMER, you can tell straight off what THE GRACES is all about. But I hope it will still have some twists in it to keep people guessing...

I'll be updating these boards regularly as things come to me, if you're interested in keeping up to date with the evolution of this story. Mostly they will be handy visual references for me to remember the details I've thought of and to slide right back into the world of this one:

Follow Laure Eve's board THE GRACES - characters on Pinterest.

Follow Laure Eve's board THE GRACES - the house on Pinterest.

Follow Laure Eve's board THE GRACES - the accoutrements on Pinterest.

Giveaway! The sexiest Fearsome Dreamer jewellery you ever did see, plus a signed and dedicated book

I've got something pretty damn special, yo. To celebrate the release of the paperback of Fearsome Dreamer, there's a competition to win THIS.

This is a beautiful light and delicate necklace and earring set designed specifically for Fearsome Dreamer by the very talented Luna from Luna's Little Library. Guys, they are gorgeous. So gorgeous it's been really quite difficult to part with them. I'm offering this competition through gritted teeth. Together with the jewellery, which comes in its own blue and silver chiffon drawstring bag, I'm offering a signed (and dedicated if you want) paperback copy of Fearsome Dreamer. If you don't want the jewellery yourself, maybe it would make a lovely gift for someone! And if you already have a copy of the book... well, do you have a signed one? :)

A while back a bit of an awesome thing happened - people kept tweeting me Fearsome Dreamer selfies. So to enter this giveaway, all you need to do is tweet me your own - whether it be with the hardback, or a paperback copy you hurriedly snapped with your lovely face in a bookshop and put back on the shelf - I don't mind! Man, you can even photoshop it in if you can't buy it right now :)

Here are a handful of the ones I got last time:


Tweet me your selfie: @LaureEve 

Friend me on Facebook and post your selfie there with a link to me so I can see it: Laure Eve

The winner will be picked at random by midnight on Wednesday 30th May. Yay!

#PaperVsPixels challenge. ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH.


For the month of April, I, Hot Key Books and various fabulous bloggers are doing a challenge.

Let my face tell you all about it:

Find out more details here.

And don't forget to use Ye Olde Hashtag #papervspixels to post thy updates throughout April :)

Events: 2014

In 2014, you can come poke me with sticks at the following places (updated frequently) :-


Details: I think it's invite only but I wanted to highlight it because it's to celebrate a kick ass debut by a lovely writer and you should be aware of it. Published February 27th.

Check the book out on Goodreads



Date: Thursday March 6th

Location: Forbidden Planet, London

Time: 6:00 - 7:00pm

Cost: free

Details: The fabulous Adam Christopher will be signing his new books The Burning Dark and Hang Wire. More here!



Date: Thursday April 17th

Location: Waterstones, Hemel Hempstead

Time: evening - tbc

Cost: tickets are £3 or free with a copy of Fearsome Dreamer (HB or PB)

Details: I'm running a writing workshop aimed at teens interested in creative writing - email hemelhempstead@waterstones.com to reserve a place.



Date: May - tbc

Location: tbc

Time: tbc

Cost: tbc

Details: Always a great evening, and certainly one of the most prestigious SF awards in the world. Hopefully I'll be able to go again this year.


YALC at London Film and Comic Con

Date: Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th July

Location: Earls Court 2, Old Brompton Road, London

Time: 9am - 6pm each day

Cost: standard day pass is only £8, more here

Details: The first ever YA Fiction convention in the UK - curated by Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman and run by Booktrust. It will have its own special 'zone' within London Film and Comic Con. It. Will. Be. Awesome.

Confirmed authors include: Patrick Ness, Darren Shan, Derek Landy, James Dawson and Matt Haig. Many more to be announced.

Both Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists should be there to buy and I will be available to sign them on the Saturday - exact time tbc but likely to be around lunchtime.

More on YALC here.

More on London Film and Comic con here.



Date: Friday 8th - Sunday 10th August

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, London Heathrow

Time: From Friday morning until Sunday afternoon

Cost: £75 adult, £37.50 child - until march 2nd, then it goes up

Details: This annual con started in 2013 and was brilliant. It's designed to celebrate all things geek - from gaming to movies and tv to books, music and beyond. It will be amazing. Come get your geek on!

My panels:

Panel: Urban Fantasy: Cities of Angels & Demons & Bug-Monsters
Time: 10.00am - 11.15am
Room: County C&D

The lure of cities - wherever they are in time and space. Why are urban environments the best places for adventure? What's the secret of their appeal?

Panel: Ed Cox, EJ Swift, Laure Eve, John Connolly, Paul Cornell, Benedict Jacka

Panel: Writing the Inhuman: more yeti than human...
Time: 1.30pm - 2.45pm
Room: County A

From Frankenstein's creation to Lady Stoneheart, literature is constantly probing the the boundaries between the human and the inhuman to ask: who is the true monster?

Panel: Pete Sutton, Adrian Tchaikovsky, David Mumford, Laure Eve, Jennifer Williams



Date: Thursday 14th - Monday 18th August

Location: ExCel convention centre, London Docklands

Time: From Thursday until Monday

Cost: varied - there are daily rates and full rates, have a look here

Details: This is the world's biggest Science Fiction literary convention and is held in a different place every year - it hasn't been in the UK since 2005.

My panels:

Panel: From the Horse's Mouth: what teens are reading today
Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm
Room: Capital Suite 3

What are kids reading today? Get that answer and more from this panel of young readers who will tell all as they discuss everything from what they're reading now to what books they have in their "to be read" pile. Find out about their favorite authors, what tends they are enjoying, and what books didn't quite work for them. What is the next big thing in young adult and middle grade literature? Even better, find out what sort of books aren't being written that should be.

Panel: Leo Adams, Laure Eve, Princess Scientist, Sophie Strahan

Time: 16.30pm - 17.30pm
Room: Autographing Space

Come and say hi to me - I will be signing both Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists, plus boobs, t-shirts and any other body part or object you care to challenge me with. BRING IT ON.

Panel: Writing 101: Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction
Time: 18.00pm- 19.00pm
Room: Capital Suite 5

Young adult and middle grade genres are booming. Still, there’s confusion around these genre categories. Moreover, how are these genres related to children’s and juvenile fiction? Panelists discuss the ins and outs of young adult and middle grade fiction from reading age to diversity, content, characters, and more. How far can you go with language, violence, and sex without crossing the line? What about series, such as Harry Potter, that jump categories mid-stream? How do all of these elements affect what we write and publish for middle grade and young adult readers?

Panel: Joe Abercrombie, Laure Eve, Ruth Frances Long, Amy H. Sturgis, Sanna Lehtonen



Date: Sunday 19th October

Location: London Film and Comic Con, Earls Court 2, Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9TA

Time: 3pm

Cost: just the ticket to get in on the day, have a look here

Details: YALC are back with three pop-up events on the Sunday at the winter version of LFCC, more details here

My panels:

Panel: Female characters in fantasy fiction
Time: 3pm
Room: main stage

Panel: Me, Zoe Marriott (author of The Night Itself, Frostfire) and Samantha Shannon (author of The Bone Season and upcoming sequel The Mime Order).