Laure Eve is the author of critically acclaimed duologies The Graces and The Curses,
Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists,
and the forthcoming duology Blackheart Knights (spring 2021).
She has been published in 10 languages and has regularly appeared at festivals, conventions and conferences in countries around the world.

She speaks English and French, and can hold a vague conversation, usually about food, in Greek.
The name is pronounced lore eev. (in English. In French there's a whole back of the throat deal).
Agent for all business enquiries, including film and TV rights: Sam Copeland at RCW
Publisher for Blackheart Knights: Quercus Books
Publisher for The Graces, The Curses: Faber & Faber
Publisher for Fearsome Dreamer, The Illusionists: Hot Key Books
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