Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists playlist

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There are certain songs out there that I think perfectly encapsulate some of the characters and moods from Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists, either through lyrics or atmosphere.

So here's a few I've come up with (and let's just say it, you're about to get a veeery insightful look into my musical taste and thus my soul.)



'Right Where It Belongs' - Nine Inch Nails

I couldn't not include this as I have a quote from it in Fearsome Dreamer :)

Sample lyrics:

'What if all the world you think you know Is an elaborate dream?'

'Never Land' - Sisters of Mercy

Listen to the extended version, not the fragment, and I defy you not to feel like you just slipped into a world made of dark dreams. Moody and gorgeous.

'With our backs to the sky And our eyes on the ground With the clouds far below No horizon around With the wind in our face And our arms open wide We shall pass through this place To the other side'

'Halcyon' - Orbital

To me this sounds like the moment that Cho takes to the sky as a bird. This song gives me real joy.

'Came Back Haunted' - Nine Inch Nails

A perfect description of surviving a trip to the Castle.

'I don't believe it I had to see it I came back haunted I came back haunted

I said goodbye but I I had to try I came back haunted'


'Glorybox' - Portishead

Captures the sexual maturity but emotional immaturity of Rue. Also happens to be one of the hottest songs of all time.

'Give me a reason to love you Give me a reason to be a woman I just wanna be a woman'


'Diamond Eyes' - Deftones

Such an epic, romantic, hopeful song. The lyrics are particularly heartbreaking if you've read all the way to the end of The Illusionists, I think ...

'Time will see us realign Diamonds rain across the sky Shower me into the same realm'


'Angry Chair' - Alice in Chains

Captures the dark, angry core of Wren that he hides so successfully from the world. Also, frankly, the guitars in this are goosebump-ingly fantastic.

'Sitting on an angry chair Angry walls that steal the air Stomach hurts and I don't care'


'Better Than Love' - Hurts

Frith doesn't believe in love. He believes in manipulation...

'Another second in the sunshine, A decade in the dark taking part in a dream. Have you forgotten what he looks like? Or do you only see what you want to believe? Does it feel better than love?'

'How Soon Is Now?" - The Smiths

... but a part of him wants to believe in love.

'You shut your mouth How can you say I go about things the wrong way? I am human and I need to be loved Just like everybody else does.'

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