The Graces has covers

The Graces hits many of the below languages/countries in September this year: U.K. - Faber & Faber (Faber Children's) U.S. & Canada - Abrams Books (Amulet) Germany - Fischer FJB France - Hachette Livre (Hachette Jeunesse) Holland - Uitgeverij Unieboek | Het Spectrum (Van Goor) Spain - RBA Libros (Molino) Brazil - Editoria Record (Galera) Denmark - Lindhardt & Ringhof (Carlsen) Aaaand some covers have now been revealed. BEHOLD. The UK cover (left) and the US cover (right):

Can I just say HOLY CRAP. They are very different to each other but equal in beauty and stature. Both are dark and luscious, and when I look at them my immediate reaction is 'hot damn', which is exactly what a gal could possibly want out of her cover. I am so very lucky. The Dutch cover has also been released, and it is thusly:

Isn't it fiiiine? It's based on an earlier version of the US cover and this illustrator, by the way, is obviously a genius. I have some more news on the Dutch front to fill you in on very soon... ... but for now, please simply gaze upon the glory of three fantastic covers and my god I can't stop staring at any of them.

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