The most glorious way to debut in the US

September 7, 2016


It made Teen Vogue


And Barnes & Noble! Twice!


And Bustle!


And Recently Heard!


And possibly the coolest website I've ever seen, Autostraddle!


And definitely some others I didn't mean to miss out!


The amount of tweets and messages I've had from early readers in the US has been so very, very wonderful. This book won't be to everyone's taste, but hey to you, people who like it, your taste and my taste are colliding, and I'm so happy it means something to you, because it means something to me, too.


Plus the actual physical object is so beautiful it's difficult to look directly at it for too long. All the magical props to cover artist Spencer Charles and Abrams Books for creating this utter gorgeousness.


Here are some reviews that make me tingle:

"The ending will make readers want to read the entire novel again, immediately, to admire the clues they missed before. Though the facts may be slippery, the prose never is; it's precise, vivid, and immediate. Powerful."
Kirkus **starred review**



"The fascinating thing about this book is that underneath all the dark themes and magic, it is ultimately about belonging and judgement. This well-paced, beautifully written book is about flawed characters trying to understand themselves."

Romantic Times



"Addictive and haunting... the rich writing easily captivates, and an ominous feeling hovers over each chapter. THE GRACES brings the all-consuming nature of magic to the page, and readers will be devouring each chapter on bated breath."
YA Books Central



"Highly readable, something that a writer deserves praise for... a creepy little story, told deceptively easily, one that will leave many young readers wanting to go back to the start, or wanting another novel to soon follow."



"Eve conjures up an intriguing vision of small-town mystique... the mystery of whether magic is at play hangs over much of the story—and self-involved, obsessive River’s less-than-trustworthy narration adds to the air of uncertainty… Eve keeps the story’s speculative elements satisfyingly ambiguous."
Publishers Weekly



And now, a note about U.S. YA authors.


They do not have to care about other books coming out, perhaps unless they are friends with that author. They do not have to be supportive to a total stranger.


But they are. And this is an incredibly generous thing to do. Joining a supportive community like this is the absolute best feeling. I'm meeting some of these amazing women when I visit the U.S. in November and I cannot wait.











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