The New York Times and Chicago

So The New York Times reviewed The Graces.

The review says things like: 'The Graces demands to be read twice: the first time for the suspense; the second for the subtleties you missed initially.'

It also says things like 'rich story' and 'lovely language'.


Still finding it difficult to breathe whenever I think about this. It's interesting that this kind of validation matters so much to me. Part of you wants to dismiss it outright - 'I'm not good enough, they don't really mean it' - but most of you is just so grateful that such an influential institution has given favourable space to your work. Thank you, Chelsey Philpot. I'm so over the moon that you liked it.

Another thing to tell you is that I now have a confirmed stop off in Chicago on my US tour this November: Anderson's Bookshop. Currently the US events are looking like this:

Yes, I will be in the US attempting to do events during the presidential election. This will, without a doubt, be one of the most interesting trips of my lifetime.

If you're close to one of the cities on my tour, I would love to meet you. I'll be the strange looking one dressed all in black with the British accent.

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