Current vibes and my YALC schedule

July 13, 2017

Here's a semi-regular thing I'm going to start doing - every news post on this site, I'm going to include what I'm currently reading, listening to and watching, #LaureRecommends style.


Honestly, it's only going to be things I'm really loving because I have zero time to waste on things I don't [days, weeks, months go FAST for me at this point in my life. It's a quite the terrifying feeling.]


So, without further ado:


LISTENING: I mean, after that unbelievable performance at Glastonbury (no, I watched it on TV) it's been Radiohead for a couple of solid weeks now. Jesus, they're brilliant. They don't give a shit about what they think they should be doing (that's hard, and I bet they have to consciously work at that decision). They evolve their sound and direction with every album and they make music that stabs you in the gut at the same time that it hypnotises you.



WATCHING: Hannibal the TV series. I've only just gotten around to this and I'm fully hooked. What a strange, visceral, horrifying, beautiful fever dream of a show. Give me hours and hours of Hannibal and Will Graham toying with each other - I'll watch 'em all.