The Curses


The Curses.

Let me tell you about it. It's the sequel to The Graces, and it is definitely on its way.

It is told, this time, from Summer Grace's point of view, and it picks up events a couple of weeks after the ending of The Graces. So if you've read that, and you're wondering how the hell things will possibly go from that ending... you'll find out.

I'm extremely proud of this book. It was a very hard one to write, and it has been A Journey to get here. But we're here, and I can safely say this book goes to some crazy, unexpected and verrry dark places. A meek little coda it is not. You have been warned :)

Answers to questions I have been asked:

When does The Curses release?

In the US: 31st December 2018.

In the UK: 3rd January 2019.

Other foreign language editions are still to be confirmed. I will put up a full list when I know the release dates!

Why has it taken longer to write?

Some books simply do. There were a few ways the story could have unfolded from the ending of The Graces. I and my editors had to try a few to see which one we thought had the magic we wanted. Unfortunately, 'trying a few' involves months and months and months of writing and rewriting. Books take a long time to write, man. By the time I finish working on The Curses, it will have been a straight 2 years and 10 months from original synopsis to final written form.

What's happening with the UK cover?

The eagle-eyed will have noticed that the beautiful cover displayed here is the US edition. In the UK, there will be new covers for both The Graces and The Curses - a complete re-design. I've seen them, they are done, and they are quite spectacular - and really quite unusual. I have been very blessed by the cover gods. I really think you're going to like them. I'll be showing them off very soon.

Are you touring for The Curses?

I definitely very much want to - one of the very best parts of this job is getting to come and meet people at events - but I have to be invited by my publisher, or event organiser, in each country. If there is a festival, convention or event near you that you think I should know about in 2019, tell me! I'd love to know so I can make a request to be considered for inclusion. You can contact me on twitter or instagram.

If you have any other questions, catch me on the social media links above and I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you so, so much for sticking with me. I think you will really enjoy where The Curses goes. It's quite a rollercoaster...

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