THEY'RE OUT. Also me talking about inspirations.

The UK and US editions of The Curses, together in all their splendour. Both of them are now out in stores, online, everywhere books can be bought.

I wish I could say that the process of having a book come out gets less nerve-wracking each time, but it's something you never get used to. Still, whoever does and doesn't like or buy it, I'm incredibly grateful that it exists, and that I have been given the chance to write it and put it out there.

Occasionally, something happens to make me step outside of myself - usually it's a stranger asking me what I do for a living - and when I say the words 'I'm a writer' I am forcibly reminded that I, well, really am. Sometimes I even say 'novelist', just for extra surreal kicks.

Teenage Laure is freaking out right now.

Here's to 2019, and however long this crazy career lasts.

If you want yet more, here's me talking about why I'm drawn to darkness and the inspiration for the magic in the books.

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